Challenge 2

Challenge #2

Should People be Judged?


Fat, gay, ugly, weird, and annoying. These are some harsh words people use that people use to make others feel bad. In other words, they are judging them. People don’t think before they talk. Words hurt, they really really do. No one should be made to feel bad about who they are, because NO one is perfect. We are all special in our own way.

Many harsh and nasty words can be said to make people feel bad about them for being different. Many gays, lesbians, black people, natives and Chinese get judged, and it’s not good!
So many young kids get thoughts of suicide, self-harm, and or hurting others! They get so insecure about who they are because they are constantly teased! No one should feel so bad about themselves that they want to hurt themselves or others.

Cruel or rude jokes are made about many different races. As a Canadian, I always get “You say ‘eh’ a lot!” They sometimes make REALLY rude comments, and the odd time it’s funny, but it gets hurtful. Before you make fun, always think “How would I feel if this was me?”


Everybody has something about them that makes them special. Why make others feel bad, when EVERYONE is special.


Ellen Degeneres is a happily married lesbian, she’s majorly famous, and even has her own talk show! Many people are just like her. They like the same gender as themselves. If you can accept her for being lesbian, then you should be able to accept other lesbians and gays!

Every single person has something that makes them who they are. Whether they are autistic, bi-polar, bi-sexual, a different race, or etc. That’s just who they are! Why make them feel bad for being their self?


Almost everyone gets judged, and we all have judged someone at least once but what I don’t get is, why judge someone for being different, when to be honest, NO one is 100% perfect. Before you do it, put yourself in their shoes, because it could easily be you!


Do you have insecurities? Most people do! No one’s perfect! Just think, by judging another, you’re bringing them down. Trust me; there will be a day when someone judges you. Then you will think “That’s how it feels.”

There’s a story on the internet that I found, and it really opened my eyes. The person in the article really portrays their emotion towards judging and explains how being judged changed their opinion on judging others! To read this story go to this website

Yes, I judge, but I also get judged. It feels terrible! After being judged, I’ve learned how it feels, and I’ve learned to think before I speak. People may take things the wrong way. So now before I say something, I think of how to word it so they won’t feel bad.


Everybody is special, nobody’s perfect, and it’s their choice on who they are! Don’t make them feel bad for being themselves. How would you feel if it was you?

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