History Project

For my SDL history project, I worked in a group with Zach, Alexander, and Jade. As a group, we made an I movie about the life of the First Nations & Metis people in the late 19th century. We dressed up, in clothes that we thought they would wear. We interpreted things like the sun dance, hunting, and the making of moccasins. I really enjoyed working with my group. This project was a very fun, and cool experience!


I learned many things from watching the movie “Bully”. This movie really opened my eyes about bullying. After watching it, it makes me think about the victims perspective.  Many people kill themselves because of bullying, and it’s sad to think that people have to kill themselves for people to finally realize how bad bullying is. In my opinion, bullying should be illegal. This may sound stupid, but thats truly how I feel. Kids these days are hurting themselves because of bullying, and honestly, no one should feel so bad, that they are hurting themselves. Teachers in many schools are trying to stop bullying the best that they can, but sadly it continues. If you’re being bullied, make sure to tell someone. You can tell your teacher, parents, principal, or even a friend. Just tell someone. If you see a situation where someone is being bullied, make sure to stand up for the victim. You can make a change, all you have to do is stand up.

Challenge #4

Challenge #4

For challenge number four, we had to pick a passion. My passion is dance. Dance is a sport. Many people would disagree with me, but it is a sport. You go to competitions and compete for medals. I’ve been dancing since I was seven. It’s a great way to get out all your emotions. My favorite dances are Jazz, and Lyrical! Jazz is an upbeat dance. Lyrical, however is slow and really expresses feelings.                                                                 Desperation; Who holds your heart?
Photo Credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto via Compfight

Challenge #3

Challenge #3
Ten things things that you could create/do with a single sock.

#1. use it as a cat/dog toy
#2. use it for storage
#3. use it for a costume (tail, nose etc.)
#4. Sock puppet
#5. Kids crafts
#6. put it on your hand and use it to clean dust away.
#7. Fill with rice, put in microwave for a few minutes then use as heating pad.
#8.  ice pack
#9. Cut off the elastic part and use as sweat bands on your wrists when exercising
#10. Sock bun!

Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1 – I have listed 10 people (alive or dead) and what question I would ask them if in an interview!

1. Harry Styles- What is it like being in a band with Louis Tomlinson ?
2. Michael Jackson- What was it like being the “King of Pop” ?
3. Suzanne Collins- What inspired you to write the “Hunger Games” ?
4. Abby Lee Miller- What advice would you give to someone who wants to be successful in dance?
5. Jennifer Lawrence- What’s it like playing the famous book character “Katniss Everdeen” ?
6. Adalia Rose- Why are you so adorable?
7. Nicki Manaj- Why don’t you and Mariah get along very well?
8. Albert Einstein- What was it like to be so smart?
9. A child in Africa- What is it like not having food and education?
10. Marley Rose- How are you coping with the severe eating disorder bulimia?

Spirit Day!

This Wednesday is School spirit day! You have to wear something sparkly, and or Jingly! I absolutely LOVE spirit days, and for this spirit day, I’m going FULL OUT! My idea is a surprise, because I don’t want anyone stealing it! I can’t wait to see what other people wear for spirit day!  Show your spirit and dress up!

Follow your dreams

Today Mary Spencer came to our class to talk to us about her boxing career. She participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics! So of course many of us had questions to ask her. I asked “what inspired you to start boxing?” She replied “At first I was just looking for a past time, and when I went into our towns gym, the coaches were great! I fell in love with Boxing and I soon knew I wanted to be a champion” Mary explained that she trained hard and won 128 fights and lost only 10! She told us that what she liked about boxing was that it was full contact. She explained that she trains hard and that she sets herself goals. To achieve those goals, she works hard. She came today, to inspire us to follow our dreams just as she did. I learned that if you try, and work hard enough, you will achieve your dreams just as Mary did. We are so pleased that she came to talk to us, and inspired us  just like she does to many other people in Canada, and across the world. We love you Mary!

Spirit Day!

Wednesday, October 31st is school spirit day! Hannah, Zach and I have gone to some of the classes trying to convince the kids at our school to wear Red, Orange and yellow! Zach would walk into the class (not dressed up) and ask to speak to the class, he would say he hears a noise, and we would run in! Hannah is “Captain Yellow” and I am “Captain Red!” Hannah and I have pretty cool costumes! We wear capes (yellow and red tablecloths), orange masks (made out of paper), spandex (I wear gold, Hannah wears super her0), and we have out hair in pony tails with orange curly ribbons in it! We still have a couple of classes to go, but I really hope people wear their fall spirit colors! Ms. Duncan will post a video of our preformance to her blog soon!